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It works great but hasn’t been refined.

Does not come with cables!

I made this for myself and like it so much I made a few extras.  The KADE xSwitch takes 5 wires from three sources and makes them switchable to a single input or output.  I made this so I can attach a KADE mini arcade, an original xBox controller, and an original xBox light gun all to single port on an original xBox.  With a turn of the switch, I can change between the inputs without having to mess around with cables.  I personally run a Logitech wireless controller.  I added 5 wires so original xBox light gun (yellow wire) is supported.

I use this image for mapping usb to xbox.  While official Microsoft breakaway cables use the standard USB colors for each wire, xBox extension cables typically do not follow the color standard and need to be mapped with a multimeter.

I have a situation where I need a single PS3 programed KADE miniArcade to be switched between a PC, PS3, and Android device and the KADE xSwitch will make that easier too.

If it is out of stock and you are interested, let me know and I’ll consider making more.


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